All across coastal towns and cities in Maine, you'll find clams somewhere. Whether they're tucked away on beaches or prominent on menus, clams are a big deal in the Pine Tree State. But there are plenty of native Mainers that have never once witnessed a clam actually come out of its shell for a little feeding. That's about to change thanks to a clam in Old Orchard Beach that was willing to show off a little.

Shared on Facebook by Tracy Ward, get ready to look at clams just a bit differently from now. The short video starts with a clam just hanging out in the shallows until suddenly it opens it shell and swoops out to grab a little snack in the passing stream. When it pops out of its shell, it almost looks like a big, thick tongue looking to grab whatever is coming by.

Many commenters on the post proclaimed that in all their years of visiting the beach, they had never seen a clam do this. Some even commented that they may never be able to eat clams again after watching this one in action. Careful now, there's a restaurant called the Clambake in Old Orchard Beach and an annual festival devoted to clams just up the road in Yarmouth, so don't lose your appetite for them. But you can walk away with an understand that every creature has got to eat, and now you've seen just how clams make it happen.


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