One of the more nightmarish scenarios homeowners dread is returning home to find their locked house has been broken into and valuables stolen from them. Burglaries are still a fairly common occurrence, but what isn't common, is catching the entire thing on video.


Shared on Facebook by Alexandria Goodwin, you can see for yourself the moment when someone breaks into her home on the Raymond/Casco line. During the videos posted, you can see the burglar place their crowbar down on the kitchen counter and then continue through the house stealing anything them deem to be valuable.

It's surreal look into something that could happen to you, your family or your neighbors on any given day. As of this writing, the burglar seen on the video has not been caught but with video this clear and Goodwin's post garnering nearly two thousand shares, it may be only a matter of time before the burglar is brought to justice.

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