There are plenty of ghost stories to be told when it comes to the state of Maine. Whether you choose to believe them or not is entirely up to you.

But one of the most intriguing ghost stories has nothing to do with land, but some of the water that makes up the coastline. We're talking about Casco Bay in Portland, where many still believe that an old ghost ship sets sail on the foggiest of days to remind people of her beauty.

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The story of the ship itself is all true. According to the Freeport Historical Society, a ship named Dash was built in 1813 at Porter's Landing in Freeport. The ship was a topsail schooner, and Dash was built to be fast in order to make quick trips to the West Indies during a time of intense embargo.

Even though Dash was built to be a cargo hauler, she was fitted with guns because of war time. Over the next two years, Dash made several successful cargo trips and was considered a gem of a ship at the time.

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But this wouldn't be a ghost ship story without something going horribly wrong. And it eventually did, during a short voyage in 1815. At the time, Dash was under the command of Captain John Porter.

It is believed that that a playful race between Dash and another ship took place, and that after Dash took a considerable lead, Captain Porter and his crew were hit with a winter gale that was unexpected. Somewhere in the ocean, Dash met her fate and was never heard from again.

That is, unless you believe in ghosts. According to Casco Bay Lines, many fisherman over the years have reported seeing Dash around Crab Island, Pumpkin Nob, and off the coast of Freeport when conditions are the foggiest. Is it just imagination? Or does an old ghost ship need to fill her sails with wind in the mist?


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