Celebrating 25 years of WCYY with 25 Bands in 25 days. Today, October 26th it's all about Breaking Benjamin. This means back to back Breaking Benjamin twice an hour all day long as well as another poorly done clipart rendition of an iconic album.

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Breaking Benjamin is no stranger to performing in Maine and most recently performed at Darling's Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor in 2019 along with Diamante, Dorothy, Chevelle, and Three Days Grace.

I had always enjoyed Breaking Benjamin's music, but admittedly despite being the headliners, I was more excited for the openers. That completely changed after this performance.

For this tour, they offered a really cool VIP experience where you could watch the show from the stage. A few songs in Ben Burnley came down from the stage and started inviting kids onto the stage. It was AWESOME. Rock bands go hard but I've witnessed time and time again bands taking time out to show love to the young fans.

As the show went on they went into an amazing cover compilation including Metallica.

They ended the show with Angels Fall. Ben had come down shaking hands and high fiving fans. Being front and center he eventually came to me and grabbed my hand. People pushed around me and eventually, I let go to let others get high-fived. Ben sought my hand again and sang to me. It was a moment I will never forget.

We're playing back to back Breaking Benjamin twice an hour all day for 25 Bands in 25 Days. Not near the radio? No problem. Listen anytime on our app.

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