A couple with ties to Maine went to see comedian Nate Jackson at one of his shows in Sacramento and they probably weren't expecting to be picked out of the crowd and be roasted for the state they met in.

Nate Jackson has played for three seasons as The Junkyard Dog on the sitcom Young Rock on NBC. The show is based on the life of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, one of the biggest wrestling and acting stars of all time.

Jackson also has a popular TikTok with nearly a million followers and where he posts short clips of his live shows.

Some of the best comedians are the ones who talk with the audience. The ability to be able to learn something about them and go "off script" and come up with great comedy on the spot a skill that is not easily mastered. Jackson has it down.

When spotting a couple in the audience he asks where they met. They say Maine and that's when he launches into a roast of The Pine Tree State talking about the time he did a show in Portland and was unable to find any black people. He goes off on how we eat lobster rolls and roasts them again when they don't know the college they met at in Maine.

I have to say, his observations during his time in Maine aren't wrong. In fact, I'd say he is spot on and there is nothing wrong with a lobster roll that is just slathered in mayo and no hot sauce.

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