Bethesda Studios, the company behind the ultra-popular video game Fallout 4, has released a creepy new trailer outlining some of the story, and visuals, players can expect with their expansion pack called "Far Harbor".

Months ago, Bethesda promised that this expansion pack would be lengthy and exciting. Fallout 4's post-apocolyptic world is centered around the Boston-area, so naturally with expansion packs, Bethesda decided to take players to the north. With the initial teaser pictures, it appeared that Bethesda was going all out to transform the Maine coastline into video game form.

One thing definitely missing from this new trailer? Maine accents. Listen, as a native Mainer, none of us THINK we have an accent, but the expectation from the rest of the world is that we do. I'd hope that at least a couple of the new characters introduced in this expansion will feature that classic Maine "accent".

Additionally, this trailer clearly focuses on the gameplay that can be expected versus the amazing imagery that Bethesda is known for. Their attention to detail with their Boston-area maps was spectacular and one can reasonably assume their attention to detail for their Maine-based map will be the same.

"Far Harbor" will be available to players on XBox One, Playstation 4 and PC on May19th. Enjoy.

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