Here's another article that reminds me of how old I'm getting. Boy, do I just love to torture myself.

Let's discuss video games. I love video games. Yeah, I'm in my 40's, but I still love to play them. However, I mostly stick with sports games these days. My years for blowing things up and role playing are long gone, along with my hand-eye coordination.

While I do love video games, I'm hardly what you would call a gamer. I spend maybe an hour or two a week playing, compared to the folks who regularly game or even do it professionally.

I recently stumbled onto an interesting article on Solitared about every state's video game habits, including the most popular games. In fact, the site had every state's most popular game based on Google trends.

I was excited to see what Maine's might be. Could it be a game like Minecraft, which every kid under the age of 15 has been playing since birth? Could it be Grand Theft Auto, a game that even I have played and enjoyed? What about Call of Duty, the game which makes every player think they are a Navy Seal?


Instead, it was a game I had never even heard of. A game I had to look up to find out more information about. A game that makes me feel really old.

The game is 'Harvest Moon,' and Maine was the only state that had it as its favorite.

PlayStation via YouTube
PlayStation via YouTube

So, what exactly is this game? Apparently, it's a farming simulator game that comes from Japan. In fact, the game is actually called 'Farm Story' in Japan. The point of the game is to farm. That's all it seems to be. What a wildly boring concept.

Don't get me wrong, I support farming. I even tried to turn my property into a forever farm, but the state deemed it not big enough. Local agriculture is what keeps us going. But the idea of spending hours in front of a screen growing fake fruit and vegetables just seems like an incredible waste of time and brain cells.

PlayStation via YouTube
PlayStation via YouTube

The game is originally from 1997, but newer versions continue to get pumped out. This includes games on literally every consul that exist today.

Apparently farming simulation is the thing to do, especially for the gaming folks here in our great state of Maine.

As for me, just give me a football game and I'll be happy.

Also, shoutout to Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas for still having Mortal Kombat as the most popular game. Fatality.

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