If you like your horror films like The Ring, then you're probably going to eat this stuff up. A series of videos was shared on Maine's Reddit by TheElderlyMan, under the guise that they were potentially shot in Augusta, Maine back in 2006. The videos are grainy, not well-shot, and frankly could be from ANYWHERE, but there's an entire group of interested people looking frame by frame for clues and have decided these particular videos originated in Maine. All of the videos are short, typically less than :20 seconds long...take a look.

The video series comes from a YouTube user known as Man Gled. who will randomly upload a collection of mysterious videos and let those who subscribe to their channel attempt to descifer the setting and meeting. It can be a bit of a rabbit hole to fall down, but at the same time, WHAT IF some of these videos were actually shot in Maine?

There's really no conclusive evidence that these videos originated in the Augusta, or anywhere in Maine. Some geographical clues are consistent with the New England region, but there is no obvious building or clue that would suggest this is definitively Maine. Is it creepy? Sure. Is it Maine? We're not convinced.

Have fun down your rabbit hole today. And if you get a phone call after watching all these videos...don't answer.

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