Cloaked in a pink and purple sky, this minute long drone video from Yesah Digital in Portland could potentially change the way you view Old Orchard Beach. The video takes you through downtown Old Orchard Beach, passing over Palace Playland and the Pier before slowly taking you around the town as the sun rises.

There's a couple of spectacular shots that make this video a must watch. The tremendous shot as the drone peaks around the ferris wheel with the sun rising in the background. That shot is rivaled by another brilliant moment when the drone is passing underneath the pier with the sun rays breaking through and bouncing off the beautiful ocean.

And if all of that doesn't get you, just take a moment to enjoy the ocean with small waves crashing onto the beach and the glimmering sun shines in the background. It doesn't what corner of the world you travel to, that shot right there is truly a piece of paradise and its part of the reason why Old Orchard Beach is still filled with tourists and Mainers alike every spring, summer and fall.

This isn't the first piece of amazing video Yesah Digital has put out. Check out this amazing video that sprawls across the Maine coastline.

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