Internet outrage has been sparked in the last 24 hours, after a commercial for a Chinese laundry detergent brand started to go viral. The reaction has been swift and fierce, with many pundits calling this advertisement the most racist commercial ever.

As you'll see in the short ad, an Asian woman is doing laundry when a black man, who presumably has been working in her house painting, approaches her with flirtatious advances. Before she gives in to him, she places a small packet of the Chinese laundry detergent Qiaobi in his mouth, and then shoves him in the washer. When the cycle is done, the black man is gone and instead he emerges as a young Asian man much to the delight of the Asian woman.

It didn't take long for the press from several different countries to get ahold of the commercial and brand it as racist, demanding that the company behind not only apologize but explain exactly what they were thinking when they produced the spot. So what do you think? Is this the most racist commercial you've ever seen? Is this even remotely acceptable in today's world?