It's always both sad and heartwarming to see videos of people rescuing animals in need.

On one hand, it's sad to see any animal that has gotten itself into a dangerous or life-threatening situation. At the same time, it's relieving when the story has a happy ending thanks to kind citizens or local authorities who step in to save the day.

That's just what happened last night in Yarmouth, Maine, when members of the Yarmouth Police Department came to the aid of a raccoon stuck in a catch basin.

A video posted on the Department's Facebook page shows the rescue of the poor raccoon. The caption explains that the officers were first notified about the animal by a citizen, and feared that the critter would drown if left unattended. So, with the "assistance of Yarmouth Public Works and a dog pole from the Cumberland, Maine Police Department," these authorities worked together to successfully remove the raccoon from the drain.

As you can see, the little guy or gal definitely had enough excitement to last a lifetime, and quickly scampered into the woods as soon as it was freed from the pole.

Shoutout to everyone who aided with the rescue, as well as the concerned civilian who first reported the situation. It's because of you that this story has a happy ending, and that the adorable (albeit grouchy) raccoon went on his or her merry way unscathed.

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