All across the country, police departments have been joining in on a movement. A movement that began in Norfolk, Virginia where the Norfolk Police Department wanted to show their community that the police department is just as human as they are. So they decided to film a video with some of the department lip-synching a popular song. And before they could blink, the video went viral. So the Norfolk PD decided to challenge other police departments across the country to do the same thing. And now the lip-sync challenge has come to Maine.

The Mechanic Falls Police Department stepped up to the plate and posted their rendition of the Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love". The McFalls PD isn't Maine's largest department, but they made terrific use of the officers who were willing to put themselves out there in a different light.

The video looked like a ton of and you can reasonably expect that another one of Maine's police departments may step up and accept the challenge as well. Stay tuned!

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