We hope everyone got through the Tropical Storm unscathed on Tuesday.

We saw 30 to 50 mile per hour gusts in most parts of Maine and New Hampshire.

The big winner though was the top of Mount Washington, where they set a new August wind speed record of 147 miles per hour!

According to our old pal Sarah Long at WMTW: 

"Strong winds like this are more common in the winter months when ice is holding things in place...often during the summer months, gusts near and over 100 mph can cause more problems. In the summer the strongest winds have been known to pick up the large concrete pavers that make up the observation deck."

Did you know you can watch the weather and wind speed on the top of Mt Washington anytime you like? Yeah, it's a lot better than being up there and dodging large concrete pavers.

We have a link for you that gives you instant data on:

The peak wind speed every 5 seconds

The wind direction

The temperature

We were looking today, and wind speeds were over 50 mph. It's fun and might I say even a bit mesmerizing:


Kudos the team up on the top of the mountain who literally weathered the storm. They lost their internet feed for a bit during the worst of it last night, but otherwise kept their watch and kept the data going.

The top of Mt Washington (6288 feet high) is famously known as  "Home of the World's Worst Weather." The other night certainly helped prove that!


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