Don't worry, they're not going to kill you! But they can make your day unpleasant. Here are some ways to take care of your stink bug problem.

Stink bugs have never been a huge problem here in the state of Maine because of our lengthy, and typically extremely cold winters. But in recent years, because of warmer winters, stink bugs have begun to find homes in Maine, specifically the brown marmorated stink bug. It looks ugly and smells even worse.

According to, the brown marmorated stink bug hasn't officially "established" itself in Maine, but can be found and can be a problem. They are a true nuisance for fruit trees, vegetable crops and other small plants but are no real threat to humans. Other than their defense mechanism...making you hold your nose! Here's what they look like in their nymph stage:

If you see a brown marmorated stink bug, it's best not to squish it on site. That's when all of that putrid stink is released and can stick on you for hours. Instead, experts suggest using light to attract them. You can make a small trap under the light and typically these stink bugs will follow that light, fall into the trap and just hang out there until you decide their fate. They're big, clumsy and not nearly as resourceful as other stink bugs, so take advantage of it.

Be forewarned however, these stink bugs may no be able to escape simple traps but they are clever on how to gain entry into your home. Gaps in your windows, doors, siding or roofing is the most common way they end up being your new house guests. Air conditioners and laundry vents can also points of entry for particularly determined stinkers. Despite the fact that these bugs won't destroy your furniture, clothing or items in your house, it is important to remove them as quickly as possible before they become permanent residents and invite the rest of their family.

So there you have it, look out for the stink!


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