There's nothing more romantic than texting someone you've never met via a dating app and asking them if they want to swing by and half watch a show on America's favorite streaming service. Ahh, young love.

That way of life may be in jeopardy, though. According to a new report by WCSH-6, it looks like there's a well designed scam posing as Netflix that's looking to steal your personal information.

Channel 6 reports that the email, posing as being from Netflix itself, says your billing information needs to be updated, and has you click on a link that takes you to a fake page, yet again designed to look official, where you would update whatever you were prompted for. It doesn't help that Mailguard, an Australian cyber security firm, says that they're "relatively well designed."

While this is poised to be a national issue, there are already reports of emails showing up in Maine. My father just texted me, saying "DO NOT OPEN THAT NETFLIX EMAIL!" So, I'd imagine that other people around here have started getting them, too.

Stay on the lookout! Don't answer anything that looks remotely suspicious, and get back to making poor decisions with Stranger Things on in the background.

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