So how cold has it been in Maine recently? Cold enough where some substantial ice has formed over Sebago Lake. The combination of the cold temperatures and lack of any sustained snow, and suddenly you have a unique ice skating situation. A chance to skate around a portion of Sebago Lake and actually see all the way to the bottom.

Shared on Facebook by Eric McNett, the visuals of the ice skating are pretty incredible. If you turn up the volume on the video, the skaters make mention that the ice itself is beautiful but not very thick. They purposely stay hugged to the coastline to avoid any major issues if the ice did crack and break on them. That danger however, doesn't take away from the adventure. The hope of the skaters is to be able to see an actual fish swimming along in the frigid water.

This sort of activity isn't for everyone and as the skaters in the video state, nobody should be traveling on skates any further out on the lake then where they could stand up. Even then, you shouldn't be skating alone. Maybe it's best to just sit back and enjoy a pretty incredible visual rarity, a frozen manmade aquarium right in our backyard.

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