Maine rarely makes it on to national television and when we do, it's usually not great news. So it was a little surprising this morning to see The Today Show focus in on Maine as part of a new series they're running about Congressional races in November and what issues matter most to the people who are voting.

Shared on Twitter by TODAY, you can watch the 5-minute clip yourself. Reporter Jacob Soboroff traveled to Mars Hill, Millinocket, Bangor and Stonington to ask residents of those towns and cities what they're focused on politically. And the answers all seemed to echo the same ONE thing: jobs.

If the people interviewed truly do echo what is important to residents in northern and downeast Maine, then talk about tax cuts, healthcare, Supreme Court justices and social security don't really matter. What matters is jobs and how more high-paying jobs can be created in the most rural of areas in Maine.

So there you have it Jared Golden and Bruce Poliquin, your congressional district is focused on jobs, jobs and more jobs. Oh, and if those jobs can pay them a good wage.

Also, it's hard to believe you'd get the same responses in a segment filmed in southern Maine. But as the old saying goes, "that's a tale of two Maines".

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