A Sunday storm in Maine seemed like nothing big and nothing to worry about. But as it turns out, that storm left behind some serious ice on roads and brought along some of the strongest winds the state has seen in a long time. That led to significant damage in some areas and a ton of accidents on the roads. Including this shocking video of a tractor trailer jackknifing on the highway near Bangor.

Shared on Facebook by Tim Larson, he says in his Facebook post that the tractor trailer in the video had blown by him earlier on the highway. Larson said the road conditions were rather treacherous, as crews had not salted or sanded the road as significantly as normal. Larson backed off following the tractor trailer too closely, and then managed to catch this potentially deadly accident on his dash cam.

Thankfully, the driver of the tractor trailer was able to gain enough control of their vehicle before things got a lot worse. The damage to the rig appeared to be extensive from the video but again, things could have gone even further sideways.

This video should serve as a reminder to take it slow in all inclement conditions, even on highways.

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