Chicago has many different landmarks that are known universally, including their famous baseball stadium, Wrigley Field. Now, thanks to a generous grant from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, the city of Waterville will have their own Wrigley Field on a smaller scale.

According to MaineBiz, a 100,000 grant from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund plus other generous donations will allow Waterville to transform Purnell Little League Field into a mini-replica of the legendary home of the Chicago Cubs.

The replica will include some amazing features including a replica scoreboard, the classic ivy that hangs from the outfield wall and actual bleachers donated to the project from the Chicago Cubs. The field will also have a synthetic turf surface, allowing it to be versatile in holding different little league events.

The Waterville YMCA, the home of Purnell Little League field, also acquired $450,000 in donations from local companies and individuals that will help the project to become a reality. There is no set date for the Little League replica of Wrigley Field to open in Waterville.

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