South Portland's Richie "Ricardo" Gilboy is already a legend in Maine Little League. Rumor has it Richie once ran into and through a chain link fence to catch a foul ball behind home plate. He has recently gone viral thanks to ESPN and their coverage of the Little League World Series.

During TV introductions the catcher for Maine's little league team, South Portland America, introduces himself and says he takes 'Big Daddy Hacks.' Basically, he crushes the ball out of the park. And he proved it his very next time up to bat.

That home run gave South Portland an early 6-0 lead Thursday afternoon. They ended up winning 8-5. Next up, Maine will take on Goffstown, New Hampshire. If they win and then beat Fairfield, Connecticut in the New England regional championship game Saturday, they would be just the fourth Maine team in the 70-year history of the event to make it to Williamsport.


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