Someone had to dethrone Captain America: Civil War from its spot at the top of the box office top 10, so why not The Angry Birds Movie? The animated adaptation of the popular mobile game glided into first place with a fairly strong opening weekend, relegating Marvel’s latest adventure to second place.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1The Angry Birds Movie$39,000,000$9,919$39,000,000
2Captain America: Civil War$33,114,000 (-54.4)$7,836$347,390,000
3Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising$21,790,000$6,439$21,790,000
4The Nice Guys$11,270,000$3,934$11,270,000
5The Jungle Book$11,017,000 (-35.6)
6Money Monster$7,080,000 (-52.1)$2,281$27,103,000
7The Darkness$2,363,000 (-52.3)$1,336$8,460,000
8Zootopia$1,703,000 (-39.7)$1,237$334,403,000
9The Huntsman: Winter’s War$1,190,000 (-54.7)$955$46,668,000
10Mother’s Day$1,115,000 (-66.1)$649$31,288,000


The Angry Birds Movie opened to $39 million, a decent if unremarkable number for an animated movie targeted at family audiences. Still, that’s good for the first film in a potential new franchise that doesn’t have the strength of the Disney or Pixar name to help carry it. Plus, this film cost a reported $73 million, which is roughly half of the usual budget for movies like this. It’ll be profitable soon enough no matter what, even if audiences don’t embrace it in the same way they embraced Zootopia. Still, family movies like this tend to have long legs. The Angry Birds Movie may stick around the top 10 for a good long time if families embrace it.

While Captain America: Civil War did fall to second place, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here. With a $33 million haul, the film has now earned $347 million at the domestic box office and has crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide. By next week, it should surpass Deadpool to become the highest grossing film of the year stateside, an honor it already holds in global box office returns. At this rate, a domestic gross of $400 million is a given, although like so many Marvel movies, it’s losing momentum fast enough that it probably won’t go too far beyond that.

And that brings us to the weekend’s other new releases, both of which disappointed. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising opened with only $21 million, a far cry from the original’s $49 million opening. Since the sequel received very positive reviews from critics, this slow start could be contributed to a very crowded weekend that offered too many other options. Or maybe audiences just didn't want a Neighbors sequel, even if the first film was well-liked and a big hit.

Even more disappointing is the $11 million start for The Nice Guys. Despite two well-liked (and famous) actors in the lead roles and positive reviews, Shane Black’s darkly comic noir sputtered. Granted, it didn’t sputter as badly as his great Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but this is the exact kind of thing that will keep people from having faith in producing future Shane Black movies, and that is a shame.

In fifth place, The Jungle Book continued going strong, earning $11 million for a $327 million total. Although it won’t do as much business as Captain America, it will soon out-gross Zootopia and no one is going to complain about that too much. After all, these are all Disney releases. Deadpool is the lone spoiler in what is continuing to look like a banner year for the Mouse.

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