If you live in the Augusta area, or you spend a lot of time on the Augusta and Central Maine Facebook groups, there is a good chance that you have heard the rumors that someone was caught living on the roof of a Maine school.

It can't be true, though, right?

Before we go any further into this story, we have to tell you: Trespassing on school property is illegal.  We do not condone anyone doing what these two people allegedly did.  Additionally, climbing onto the roof of a building is dangerous and could lead to injury or death.

If you believe that post on the Augusta Maine Neighborhood Watch Facebook group, there really were people living on top of Augusta's Hussey Elementary School.  In an anonymous post that went up on the page toward the end of last week, it was said that a man and woman been living on the roof of the building.

The people had reportedly built a small encampment on the roof and were even making small fires inside a beverage can.

The poster said, in part:

Very unsettling knowing they were up there and people take their children to play on the playground behind the school

The poster alleges that the people took things from nearby homes and he / she suggests people make sure their doors are locked.

Other, non-anonymous, commenters backed up original poster was saying.  One of these posters said they lived next to the school.

Additionally, a representative for the Augusta Police Department did confirm that police were called to the school for a report of people trespassing.

While it is unclear how long the people had been living on the roof of the school, and not much is known about the man and woman, we have heard from listeners close to the situation that the people were discovered by school workers.  The workers had reportedly been on the outside of the school when they happened to see a ladder descending from the roof.  At that time, people were removed from the property

Of course, as some of the posters pointed out, we really do not know the situation of the man and woman.  There is a chance that they could not find housing and felt that the roof was the best option.  Regardless, we hope they have been able to find housing.

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