Normally, when you call Animal Control, it's to help a stray dog, or remove a pesky raccoon from it's new favorite spot in your fireplace. However, late on Tuesday, Biddeford residents had to make that phone call for something a little more... exotic.

WCSH-6 reports that residents of a building on High St spotted a boa constrictor on their deck. Awesome? Yes. Frightening? Abso-friggin-lutely. Check out Channel 6's video below:

Some believe that the snake might be Wessie, the legendary snake on the loose several years ago in Westbrook. However, we have to burst this bubble before it gets any bigger: Wessie was a python, not a boa constrictor! Plus, a snake traveling from Westbrook to Biddeford? That's a Lord of the Rings scale journey for any animal, especially for one that slithers.

WCSH states that the owners of the snake were notified, and came to pick it up yesterday. So in the end, all is well and good.

Let the legend of Wessie live on!

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