They have tried everything, and they still can't keep a full staff.

I credit Casa Novello in Westbrook for making chicken marsala one of my favorite things in life. I had never had it before and I remember about 15 years ago, in a packed restaurant asking the waitress about it. Her description of pan-fried chicken cutlets with mushrooms in a rich marsala wine sauce sold me. Then I had it and well, it's the only thing I ever ordered. So I couldn't tell you what anything else at Casa Novello was like because I was stuck on the marsala.

Chicken Marsala Casa Novello Facebook
Chicken Marsala Casa Novello Facebook

I was so sad to see a recent Facebook post that because of staffing issues, ongoing staffing issues, they were closing.

They have tried everything. They went to take-out and dine in at the bar to keep the staffing at a minimum. But they have struggled to find staff for the past 8 months and beyond. And they've tried everything. They wrote on their Facebook page after the outpouring of love and disappointment,

We appreciate all of your comments we have been trying to find staff for over 8 months. I have called schools, and friends, and told customers tried everything. We are hoping for a miracle.

I don't understand. Where is everyone? How are people not working...still?! Why can't a well-established, cozy amazing Italian restaurant not find the help they need to even stay open? It's horrible that Casa Novello is now hoping for a miracle. I don't know if those are plentiful these days, but if God ever had their chicken marsala I bet he'd spare one.

I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you, Casa Novello. Here's to you getting that miracle!



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