There seems to be some confusion and we're here to help clear it up.

Brea Lu Cafe has been around for a long time and has jumped around to a few different places. This summer Brea Lu posted on their Facebook page that they were moving to 100 Larrabee Road.

Thank you for being soooooo patient. Here is your payoff. Our new space is located at 100 Larrabee Rd Westbrook. We finally signed a lease. We’re extremely excited. We are going from 45 seats to 170. Hopefully, you’ll never wait again. Also, we will be having a bakery inside the restaurant. We will also be welcoming Heather Norton back to our restaurant. She will be our full-time baker. So looks like the gang is getting back together. I’m so excited. Dear Westbrook We Love You. We Could Never Leave You.

Well, I lost track of what happened, but just recently Brea Lu Cafe posted on its Facebook page their location and in a pleading tone, asked that everyone share so that people know where they are!

They will remain at 9 Cumberland Avenue in Westbrook until May. When asked where to next, they responded:

160 Larrabee Road in Westbrook.

Okay, color me slightly confused. A quick Google Maps search showed this location as an empty parking lot next to Enterprise Car Rental.


Here's the good news. We'll find you Brea Lu Cafe no matter where you land so we can have your delicious take on Breakfast and Lunch. Get it? Yes, it took me a minute to figure that one out. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do love me a great breakfast!

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