Maine's Wildlife

You can't describe Maine without taking into account its vast wildlife population. This state is nothing without its animal kingdom, one that Mainers are very respectful of.

As we should be. Think about how much Maine's wildlife means to its people and economy. The state has built an entire industry based off of it. Whether it be for hunting, fishing, spotting, preservation, or even schooling, the state has embraced one of its greatest natural resources.

The Maine Coast

We sometimes take for granted what might be lurking off of Maine's beaches. Sure, there's the fishing industry that continues to drive a good portion of the economy. However, there's a lot more to the sea than just the stuff that ends up on our plates.

Off the coast of Maine is a wondrous place full of life of all shapes and sizes. And some of those shapes and sizes are extremely large. Yes, I am talking about those huge sea mammals called whales.

Maine's Whale Kingdom

Many different species of whales can be found in and around the Gulf of Maine. From common types like the humpback and pilot to the more elusive fin and sperm, numerous species call the North Atlantic home.

Numerous whale-watching companies have opened over the years, giving tourists and locals better opportunities to see these majestic beasts. It's a wonderful way to witness whales in their natural habitat, and not in some undersized tank that is slowly sucking their will to live.

The whales found off of Maine's coast are very diverse. Some come in large pods, while others are the loner type. Many still have an abundance of numbers, while others are sadly close to extinction. And some even tend to make a trip into town, like this one the other day spotted in the Sheepscot River. You just never know what to expect.

Below is a closer look at many of the types of whales you will see off Maine's coast. It's a great look at yet another one of nature's miracles.

7 Types of Whales Found off the Coast of Maine

Here is a list of seven whales that can be spotted off the coast of Maine. Some are much more common than others, and some are getting close to extinction. What whales have you spotted off Maine's coast?

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