So this week, we got the exciting news, Portland will once again be home to professional hockey. The City will be the home for an ECHL franchise starting play in the 2018-2019 season. But beyond that great news, the question needs to be asked, what will this new team be called? We have a few suggestions...



Before the Pirates sailed the Portland seas, the Maine Mariners were the hottest ticket in town. It feels like going back to this classic name, and one that people still really haven't let go of, wouldn't be the worst idea. Can it actually be done? That's a question we don't have an answer for.



Go to your favorite apparel store and you're still going to see Hartford Whalers gear. No joke. It's a timeless and true team name and an accompanying logo would undoubtedly be a hit amongst consumers. Can you (or should you) choose a team name simply based on how popular you think your merchandise will be? Probably not, but there have been worse ideas.



The Jammers would also probably be a huge hit in a community where it seems every other person spends their weekend on a boat. And a unique team name like Windjammers would crush anything boring and generic. Perhaps there's another style boat that sounds more ferocious? This is hockey after all.


Those are just a few suggestions we have, but we know YOU have one as well. One last thing to keep in the back of your mind. It appears the Boston Bruins ECHL affiliate will have their contract up in the next two years, could Portland become the new affiliate? It would make sense since the Bruins current affiliate is in Atlanta! Cross your fingers.

Feel free to throw down your suggestion on our Facebook page right now. We're all looking forward to having hockey back in Maine!


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