Sometimes the best things can come from the worst things. In this case, a girl gets plowed down at a track meet and beauty is born from it.


In New York, an official for a high school track meet was unaware that the race hadn't concluded when she wandered on to the track. Enter an All-American star barreling toward her at full speed and BOOM! Massive collision. Simutaneously, the young man announcing for the meet calls the collision happening and organically delivers us the phrase "WHAM SAUCED!" Just remember kids, the darkest moments produce the brightest days.

Track Meet
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HOT TAKE: Not hard to believe this dude is an all american track star. I think he blasted into this chick going a shade under 60mph. Also, what high schools have the budget to have play by play announcing at track meets?! I'm making it a personal mission all weekend long to bump into people and annoyingly tell them that they've just been WHAM SAUCED. Why? 'MERICA!

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