Portland is looking at a HOT ONE today. Many places in Maine will hit 90 degrees today. Not bad for May! It's just a tease, though, because we will see a 30-degree swing with Memorial Day Weekend highs only around 60 degrees. So, enjoy the heat while it lasts. The last time it hit 90 degrees in Portland was July 28th of 2020.  Getting to 90 in May is pretty rare, but the high-temperature record for this date is 91 degrees back in 2015.

The hottest day EVER in Maine was on July 10, 1911, when it hit 105 degrees in North Bridgeton. The coldest day ever? Minus 50 degrees in Clayton Lake in Aroostook County.

We do have to be on the lookout for some severe thunderstorms this afternoon. Hail and a tornado are also not out of the question! The storms will start in New Hampshire and the mountains and then move into Southern Maine early evening. Keep your handy-dandy weather radar app handy to see when the storms will be coming through your area.



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