Source: WalletHub

Why is it that when we think about the most stressed states in America, we immediately assume they're all in and around New England? We always did - New York and Boston had to be near the top of the list. Or did they?

Well, there's finally a definitive answer. WalletHub recently conducted a study to find out which states are the most and least stressed. In order to determine that, they examined 4 areas of stress - work related stress, money related stress, family stresses, and stress related to health and safety. They considered a great many factors in each one of those, too - take a look at the full article here to see how it was weighed.

Anyway, where did WalletHub put Maine? According to the study, it ranks 27th on the list - right in the middle, just to the less stressed side. Being a lifelong Mainer, I was happy to see that it fell exactly where I would have thought. Mainers are generally happy and hardworking, and it's difficult to find anyone in a really bad mood here in Portland on any given day, unless the coffee machine breaks down in the CYY kitchen.

In other surprises in the rankings, Alabama placed first on the list, because in a cruel twist of fate where Alabama wins something, it of course has to be something bad. In fact, most of the stress in the nation was concentrated in the Southeast. On the other end, the Midwest looked to be the least stressed, with Minnesota placing last in stress levels.

Check out the interactive map at the top of the article to see where other states came in, so you can either brag to, or deliberately not share this with, your friends in other places.

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