Eating challenges have been going on at restaurants across Maine for decades. Whether it be massive dessert challenges at places like Governor's, or a long-running hot wing challenge at Binga's, eating challenges are a great way to drag some folks in for a little dinner theater of sorts. The key to most eating challenges though is that glimmer of hope. That someone, somewhere can defeat the challenge and be recognized for their achievement. Which brings us to this preposterous eating challenge at Chaps Saloon in Buxton.

Shared on Facebook by Derek Johnson, take a good, long look at the Chaps Saloon steak & cheese challenge. You're reading that right, if you can crush an enormous 10 pound steak & cheese sandwich in under 25 minutes, Chaps is willing to pick up the bill. On the surface, there's probably a lot of people who think they could achieve that but If you really stop and think about how much steak is involved in a 10 pound steak & cheese challenge, it begs the question, who could possibly defeat this?

Some quick perspective, D'Angelo's, which is one of America's most popular chains that specializes in steak & cheese sandwiches, offers customers a chance to upgrade to their largest sandwich that features ONE pound of meat. That is a monster sandwich for any person to eat in one sitting. So now imagine eating TEN of them in under 25 minutes. Come on, man.

But as Kevin Garnett once said, "anything is possible" and if you can dream it, you can achieve it. And if you do defeat the Chaps Saloon steak & cheese challenge, you may never need to eat again. Good luck.

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