Have you ever visited a place that is rumored to be haunted? What about a place that is actually haunted?

Well, instead of trying to find a ghost in an abandoned location, you can actually go eat and play pool with one right in Portland, Maine.

Andy's Old Port Pub is featured on a new Hulu show called Repossessed, where a team made up of a researcher, paranormal investigator, and a psychic medium, travel around North America to look at haunted locations and haunted objects.

The first season of Repossessed, came out on February 28th, with a total of 8 episodes. Episode 4 took place in New England, with filming locations in Massachusetts and Maine.

During the episode, viewers learn more about who is said to haunt Andy's Old Port Pub as well as some of its history.

Did you know that Andy's Old Port Pub back in the day used to be a pharmacy? That's right, and that will be important in a bit. However, before being purchased in 2020, Andy's Old Port Pub was a biker bar, and one thing still remains in the pub, a pool table.

Now, this pool table was the object that the investigative team was brought to look at as the owner, Johnny, claimed that workers, including himself, don't seem to act like themselves when they are at work. Johnny went on to mention that the pool table would also randomly make noise, like the balls were trying to come out, however, nothing happened.

Johnny goes on to mention that people have seen an apparition in the back, whose name they say is Betsy.

The team of investigators used an SLS Camera, which can map out figures of people that are not visibly there. With the SLS Camera, the team was able to catch a figure that was not only touching the pool table but also climbing on top of it.

The psychic medium was able to connect and talk with Betsy, and agree that she is there and worked at that location when it was a pharmacy. Not only that, however, she was able to relay a message from Betsy to Johnny to have a work-life balance, and not overwork himself (to death) as she did there.

Both the pool table and Betsy are still at Andy's Old Port Pub, for you to visit while you eat and enjoy a pint.

If you're interested in going, you can visit Andy's Old Port Pub at 94 Commercial St, Portland, ME.

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