Superfoods continue to be all the rage, especially in these times of sickness prevention. One of the true dynamos in that category is the versatile blueberry.

The blueberry is known for being one of the most healthy foods there is.

According to, these little berries are loaded with antioxidants to help improve brain function, fight inflammation, decrease cancer risk, and even potentially lower the risk of a heart attack. Blueberries are readily available, making them a true all-star.

However, in Maine, we not only have the all-star, we have the hall-of-famer: the wild blueberry.

Maine's little berry of goodness even packs more of a nutritional punch than its cultivated brethren.

According to, the little cousins have up to twice as many antioxidants than cultivated blueberries.

They also dominate in the taste category. I mean, it's not even close. Wild blueberries are packed with tangy, sweet goodness. Never watered down. Always sweet and scrumptious.

Wild blueberries are native to one region of the country: Maine. Other states can claim whatever they want. However, the true wild blueberry is found in the rugged terrain and cold climate of the Pine Tree State.

Thanks in part to the latest health revolution, the wild blueberry is in serious demand. We have also seen Maine-owned farms like Wyman's become nationwide brands. The wild blueberry is strongly a part of the tourism craze now, especially in the coastal part of the state.

While lobsters will always be the state darling, it's time for the blueberry to get the respect they deserve. Wild blueberries are the top 1% of the an entire food group. How on Earth is the wild blueberry not on a license plate?

They are great in smoothies, better in desserts, incredible alone, and extremely healthy. Wild blueberries are a Maine wonder.

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