The sports entertainment rumor mills have been churning for awhile concerning un upcoming TV show from none other than TB12. The only problem is, nobody is giving any clues what the subject matter will be?

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One thing is certain, this show will have a home on Fox.

At the yearly promotional event for upcoming network television shows, commonly referred to in the business as the upfronts, execs were quoted as confirming that Tom Brady will be heavily involved with an upcoming unscripted series this season.

Whether or not his entertainment production company '199 Productions' will be directly involved is still a mystery.

TB12's announcement of the launch of '199 Productions' back in March categorized their future projects to be 'Documentaries, feature films and television shows'.

But I can recall that these projects were supposed to be of a more refined nature.

Rumors of this upcoming TV show being co-produced by shock value reality types akin to 'Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire' is more than troubling.

I choose to reject those rumors. I think it would be far more logical that any reality show with Brady's name affixed to it, would be far more representative of his 'TB12' brand.

I could easily see him being involved with a fitness and nutrition type contest that transforms people's lives for the better.

You're talking about the most successful athlete of the modern era! The thought of him even loosely connected to a fake reality show just turns my stomach.

If Gronk wants to swim with sharks dressed as a pork chop or get body slammed by The Undertaker, that's fine!  His brand won't suffer.


I'm cautiously optimistic that this show will not be an embarrassing fail. Let's hope he and his company agrees with me.

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