This week, the developers behind Rock Row unveiled another portion of their ambitious plan in Westbrook, a sprawling public market that will bring as many as 15 food vendors and 7 beer and wine tasting rooms together under one roof in something that would rival Boston's Faneuil Hall. via Waterstone Properties

Waterstone Properties wants to take advantage of the fact that people are traveling from around the globe to Portland, Maine simply for the food and beer offerings. Rather than perusing through a trafficked city, why not invite people to gather in one place and experience the best of the best in culinary offerings and Maine's craft beer scene?

That's their plan, with something they're calling the Rock Row's Beer and Food Hall. via Waterstone Properties

If you've ever visited Boston's Faneuil Hall, it's a bustling marketplace filled with retail shops, small food vendors and a few larger restaurants. Westbrook's version was be as large, but the concept isn't far off. Couple the food and beer market will a concert venue and other future entertainment offerings, and in a twist of irony, Westbrook may become the central hub for Portland. via Waterstone Properties

As of this writing, there is no firm timetable on exactly when the Rock Row's Beer and Food Hall will be constructed.