If you were hoping for a Christmas filled with fluffy white snow to make for the perfect picture of Maine, 2020 has other plans.

It looks like all the talk of wind, rain and power outages is shaping up to be more of a reality instead.

According to the National Weather Service in Gray's Facebook post on Thursday morning, the high wind watches have been upgraded to high wind warnings along the coast. The NWS also notes this is where there is most likely to be the strongest winds.

Up to 60 MPH wind gusts are possible in some locations, per the weather service.

In addition, WMTW says that early Friday morning through the middle of the day are when we will see the strongest winds.

That also means a good chance for power outages, too. So it may be a dark Christmas for some Mainers, unfortunately.

The news outlet reports that 1-2 inches of rain is expected, though some places could wind up seeing 3 inches. So watch out for flooding in certain areas.

The silver lining, if there is one, is temps will warm up for the day, according to WMTW, and will be in the 50s. That's a far cry from the bitter cold we've had recently.

Still the probability of losing power is definitely not what anyone was wishing for. So prepare for the worst but fingers crossed we get some kind of Christmas miracle and its just a breezy day...

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