As we approach 2018, this kind of stuff is still going on? Seriously?

David Charns is a reporter for WMTW (Channel 8) and took to Facebook yesterday to get some feedback on a new tie he was planning to wear on camera. That seemingly harmless post turned into a personal attack on his sexuality by a "fan" of his Facebook page. Charns went back to Facebook today to leave this thoughtful response to what took place yesterday.

Charns chose to blur out the name of the person that levied the nasty attacks on him. But we feel like its important to remind everyone who reads, listens or watches us on television, that we are still real people. We are your neighbors, people you see at the supermarket or at the gym. We all truly feel lucky to get to do what we do, but it's moments like this that make us all question whether it is worth it.

We applaud David Charns for sharing this and we're even more pleased to see the amount of support he received in the comments section.

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