Imagine coming home from a weekend away, you set your bags down and go to the bathroom after a bit of a drive. Ready to relieve yourself you look at the toilet and see something's not right. What is that in there? Is that a squirrel? A dead squirrel in my toilet? After looking a bit closer you notice that it's not just one, but two! Two lifeless, waterlogged squirrel bodies. With their beady eyes still open starring off into the distance. Oh great, what do I do now? Do I flush them? Do I scoop them out?

That was the scenario for one South Portland woman, Jess Cary, who found the squirrels in her toilet, according to a story on

The article says she came home to find the toilet seat up, but there was no other evidence inside the house that the squirrels ran around. She thinks they got in through the vent on the roof, or through the pipe. Since here boyfriend wasn't home, Jess had to remove the little dead critters herself. She put on gloves and used a pair of tongs.

After she did some research, Jess found out that, although it's not common, this kind of thing does happen. She says just last week a friend sent her a picture of the same situation in Vermont.

In this video posted 2 years ago a woman called wildlife officials after she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but found it was already occupied. This little guy however, was saved.


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