Angie Houston says she plans to give birth to a baby pig. Her story claims that after returning home from playing mini-golf, she was attacked and raped by suspect named Pete. Pete happens to be a 400ib boar.

The victim released this statement:
“People think I’m crazy and need mental help because of my story. They ask how’d the pig get my panties off to mount me? I wasn’t wearing any panties is how! This pig been hot for me for years. Constantly sniffing at my genitals. He’s tried to rape me a hundred times. This is just the first time he successfully got inside me,” Houston said.

Her parents also chimed in the situation:

“Angie knows she can’t have sex until she’s married and she promises she hasn’t. Pete’s always been an ornery pig, so it’s not surprising he raped our daughter. After this incident, I butchered Pete out. The bacon I made him into is helping feed Angela and her baby; after all, she’s eating for two now and needs a lot of extra meat," Don Houston, Angie's father explains.

Angie declined to have herself checked out by gynecologist or obstetrician to keep track of her health during pregnancy and to see whether there is really a pig baby growing inside her.