As summer crawls toward the finish line, we'll all begin to see some new "fall" products popping up. Say goodbye to lobster this, and blueberry that and embrace the apple, maple and pumpkin that is about to take over our lives. Then again, what IF you could have the best of both seasons on top of an ice cream cone? Maybe you can.

Reddit via RicktimusPrime
Reddit via RicktimusPrime

Shared on Reddit by Ricktimusprime is an unique menu item at Lewiston's extremely popular ice cream stand Dairy Joy. Forget that strawberry soft serve that is old hat, and say hello to the blueberry/pumpkin twist that has got to be one of the oddest combinations in ice cream history.

But how does it taste? Unfortunately, we don't know...yet. Hopefully by the time we get up to Lewiston to grab a cone, it'll still be on the menu!

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