World Wrestling Entertainment surprised many fans on Tuesday, when it quietly announced that it would canceling several Raw brand house shows, including stops in Bangor on August 30th and Portland on August 31st along its latest tour because of scheduling conflicts.  The Cross Insurance Arena shared the disappointing news to wrestling fans via Facebook.

These cancellations aren't the first in 2019 for WWE as the company continues to figure out a new touring schedule that works for the company, the performers and will draw in consumers of the product as well. Typically on their tour stops to Maine, the company will choose one city (Portland, Augusta or Bangor) to perform a show, but over the past two years, they've been booking multiple stops in Maine during their tours. These cancellations may end that practice for 2020 and beyond.

WWE's entire touring structure will shift in September when one of its flagship programs, Smackdown Live moves to Fox and from Tuesday night to Friday night.

If you've already purchased tickets for these WWE Live events, refunds are available at your point of purchase.

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