I had such a blast last summer riding The CAT Ferry and exploring Yarmouth and the Acadian Shores that I had to bring it up again for listeners and their families who are planning summer getaways. It's the ultimate scenic, relaxed trip, with everything from spooky walking tours to fishermen experiences to stargazing tours and breweries.

Here are my top 5 favorite things from the trip:

1) Song of the Paddle kayaking lesson: I hadn't been in a kayak since a trip to Range Pond a few years back, and had a blast. Sadly, I don't have any photos from the experience, because I knew myself better than to allow my phone in the boat. It was definitely the right call!

2) All the beers at all the breweries: As a self-proclaimed Portland Beer Enthusiast, I'm delighted to say the beer I had from Rudders Brewing, Heritage Brewing and Tusket Falls more than held their own against our local beer titans. Over all, they're a bit maltier than what we have in Maine, making them the perfect sipper for a hot summer day. Fun fact: Tusket Falls makes a beer called Smoked Kiack that is absolutely delicious. Pronounced like kayak, it's actually named after a local fish. (Don't worry! There's no fish in the beer!)


3) Harbor experience: Captain Simon (thats see-moan, not like Simon Says) told us a little bit about lobster traps and how important the industry is to the area. We also met Yanni, who was easily the biggest lobster I've ever seen. Check out the hand-to-claw comparison; I'm 6'1", and his claw still had me beat by quite a bit! It's definitely the right idea to keep the rubber bands on that bad boy.


4) Delicious seafood. It's everywhere you go, really. We had a lobster boil at the Cape Forchu lighthouse, which includes a museum in the former lighthouse keeper's home. (We also got to explore the former lighthouse keeper's home, which is set up as a museum now!) At Hatfield House, we feasted on open-faced creamed lobster sandwiches with these unbelievable spicy mussels. My compliments to Chef Cory!


5) The CAT Ferry: The high-speed ferry is uber-convenient because you get to start your vacation right away without worrying about a long drive. And this thing is pretty darn luxurious, featuring a full bar, a kitchen to prepare you some great food (of which I enjoyed QUITE a lot), as well as a gift shop to grab a keepsake. There’s even live music on the boat – Celtic Rant serenaded us with some good old-fashioned sea shanties. I’d have sung along louder, but I think my enthusiasm was starting to bother the people next to me…


Are you ready to plan your own Acadian getaway? Click here to start planning your getaway today with The CAT Ferry and here to learn about all the amazing things to do once you get there!

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