Food trucks have been staples of American culture for years. Everyone remembers tearing after the ice cream truck as a kid, unafraid to push, shove and berate our way through the line to get a treat that was supposed to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle but actually looked more like a misshapen potato with googly eyes.

Recently though, there has been an explosion of trendy food trucks in cities all across America, and Portland is no exception. In fact, Portland's are so numerous, and have such good food, that some give local restaurants a run for their money.

Here are my top 5 food trucks in the Portland area that have me reaching for my wallet, cursing because I don't have cash, and sprinting to the nearest ATM.

I'll kick off my list with some of the best Mexican cuisine in the city. El Corazon has a menu of items ranging from traditional burritos and tacos to their delicious Sonoran Hot Dog, which is a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with burrito fillings (the drool on the keyboard is practically palpable.)

If you're looking for something scratches both a main course and dessert craving at the same time, then look no further than PB & ME. Their creative sandwiches include fruits, chocolate, and of course, peanut butter and jelly. Calorie counters might want to stay away, but they're missing out.

When it comes to Maine cuisine, there is nothing more iconic than the mighty Lobster Roll. With a permanent location in Fort Williams Park near Portland Head Light, Bite Into Maine offers not only delicious rolls (with their own spin, of course), but also a view and setting that suggests more of a picnic than a quick bite.

The truck with the biggest spread of cuisines in town is probably Wicked Good Street Kitchen. They serve everything from Chicken and Waffles, to Pad Thai, to Falafel, all with fun twists that give them an authentic Maine flavor. They also boast a vegan selection, which helps set them apart.

Saving the truck with the best name for last seemed most fitting. These guys serve a swath of sandwiches, including a fabulous Muffuletta, which I'm a total sucker for. They even put Mac n Cheese in a sandwich, which sounds like sacrilege, but is actually the thing you didn't know you needed.

Well, there's my roundup of local food trucks! I might have done myself a disservice writing this, though - it's only 2:00, and I'm ready for another round of lunch...

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