It's very apparent that we love everything haunted here at WCYY. Heck, I was even an amateur ghost hunter for a spell when I was younger (though it may have meant walking around in a graveyard with a candle, it was official enough for me). Fortunately for us, and those of you who are also into anything that's potentially possessed, there's a slew of great places to go and check out around Maine.

One of those places is the famous Beckett's Castle, which has a reputation for some pretty spectacular ghost happenings. According to the Bangor Daily News, the ghost of Sylvester Beckett, who the home is named for, has a knack for taking down paintings, slamming doors, and even ripping the sheets off beds. Sounds like paradise for the paranormal, if you ask us.

Well, if you're as nuts as we are, but also happen to have a ridiculous amount of disposable income, you can actually purchase this property just in time for halloween. In the BDN's report, the house is for sale for a whopping $3.35 million.

Is that price tag worth the awesome accounts of haunting inside? Give us your 2c in the comments! Seriously, give us your 2c, we need to save up to buy the place...

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