Do you have invasive plants, poison ivy, or overgrown fields in your backyard? The best way to tackle these challenging landscaping situations isn't diving in with your own scythe and hedge trimmers. Don't risk scratches and rashes. Hire Scapegoats!

Scapegoats is the eco-friendly way to clear your property of unwanted vegetation. The herd of goats will travel to your house, chow down on the overgrown bushes and plants (even the poisonous ones) and leave your property clear and, uh... fertilized.

Renting goats can eliminate your overgrowth problems including invasive and poisonous plants without the use of harsh chemicals or machinery. SCAPEGOATS will transport the goats to your property to clear your land of unwanted vegetation while reducing regrowth potential and enriching your soil with nutrients. Plus it's fun and we can all work together to reduce our carbon hoof print.


According to the Scapegoats website, one herd of seven goats can clear approximately a quarter acre per week. After the goats chow down on all of the unwanted shrubbery and brush, you'll have to finish the job by pulling up the woody roots, but at least you won't be battling poisonous leaves in the process.

Do you have a job for the Scapegoats? Contact the herd and get your landscaping problems handled all while watching cute goats run around your yard.


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