Bitcoin is the first, most widely known, and most popular form of cryptocurrency. Not sure what cryptocurrency is? No worries, most people don't.

Forbes explains that a cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that has no central authority. This is unlike the U.S. Dollar and the Federal Reserve System. If you want to dive deeper into blockchains, mining, and the rest of the ins and outs of cryptocurrency you can read the full Forbes article here. News Center Maine reports that cryptocurrency acts similarly to stocks, fluctuating based on buyers and sellers.

During the pandemic and with increased free time the crypto-financial world has continued to grow and now HiFi Donuts in Portland is accepting some cryptocurrency in their shop. According to their Facebook page, they are accepting USDC, BITCOIN, ETH. (Sorry Dogecoin fans.)

Even if one doesn't dabble in cryptocurrency it is fascinating to see this new financial world appear, grow, and evolve in just recent years. News Center Maine reports that even Tesla accepts cryptocurrency. What could possibly be next?

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