When was the last time you used a payphone? It's been a while, I bet.

I'm still surprised whenever I see one around town and even more surprised to see someone using one! If you asked me where you could find one, I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Even if I DID need a payphone, I wouldn't have the quarters to use them! But hey, I'm glad we still have them, even in Portland, Maine. Just. In. Case.

Even though 97% of Americans own a smartphone, it's still profitable to have a payphone at your establishment.

According to OKwhatever.com, if a payphone is used three times a day, it's still profitable. In 2015, payphones raked 280 million dollars a year!


Did you know there are still over 200 payphones in Portland? And hundreds more all over Maine!  The Pay Phone Project has a list of EVERY one of them and their number! So if you heard a payphone ringing, would you pick it up?

There's actually a fair amount in Portland, and more than you might expect, according to payphone-project.com.

If you think all these payphones are a bit old-fashioned, wait until you head up Route 26 to Bryant Pond. Bryant Pond, Maine, where you will find the largest telephone in Maine and the largest telephone in the WORLD!

The people of Bryant Pond used their hand-cranked phones in the homes until 1983! So look for the black beauty the next time you are headed through the Bryant Pond/Woodstock area on Route 26th.

If you're headed North on 26, you'll see it on the left side of the road as you exit town.

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