Now that Pearl Jam has confirmed they'll be playing two shows at Fenway Park, September 2nd and September 4th, the thing on everybody's mind has been, how will I get my hands on tickets? Well, glad you asked, because it's a little different than your average show.

Pearl Jam is working with Ticketmaster and their new "Registered Fan" ticket system. The system includes people essentially verifying that they are human beings and not bots, and giving concert promoters a rough estimate as to how many individuals are interested in purchasing tickets to the show. It also will weed out some of the ticket agencies and scalpers from snagging tickets that true fans desperately want.

But there's a catch. You only have until Tuesday, February 6th to sign up to be a "verified fan" for these Pearl Jam shows. SIGN UP RIGHT HERE. After signing up, you'll receive an access code that will allow you to purchase tickets before the general public on Friday, February 16th.

The remaining tickets will go on-sale to the general public through Ticketmaster on February 21st at 10am.

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