Who doesn't love Star Wars? Seriously. The Last Jedi might have been more than a little polarizing, but I'm willing to venture a guess that everyone's that's complaining about it is still going to see Episode IX when it releases in 2019. Well, Paul Bussiere is under the same impression, and out to bring smiles to faces that need them the most with it.

In the story that might have just made my whole week, News Center Maine reports that young patients at Eastern Maine Medical Center had some very special visitors arrive yesterday from a galaxy far, far away... Have a look at the video below:

How adorable is this? We here at WCYY are loving it. There's just one thing that bothers us, as Rob Nesbitt pointed out in the video - a Stormtrooper and R2-D2 hanging out? Come on, like that would ever happen.

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