Good news Kevin Smith fans! The beloved fictional restaurant is coming to life and coming to New England.

House of Blues Boston is hosting the Mooby's traveling pop-up experience next month.

Mooby's has been featured in cult Kevin Smith classics like Clerks, Dogma, and the Jay and Silent Bob Films.

At the pop-up, you'll have Instagram-worthy photo ops just like you're an extra in one of Kevin Smith's films with nods to Clerks, Mallrats, and more. They'll have some exclusive merchandise for sale as well.

True fans have craved sustenance from the "golden calf" for decades, even if the upper management was once filled with terrible people. The pop-up promises their food won't come with flies on the burger.

And yes, in addition to the immersive experience of feeling like you're in a Mooby's restaurant, they're of course going to feed you too.

When registering for the event you will have to pre-order your meal. You can have your choice of one Moo Main dish which could be a Cow Tipper, Cock Smoker Chicken Sandwich, The Mooby Blues, or the Cow Dong Beyond Brat. On the side order a Salt Lick Side of either Hater Totz or Onion Rings! You can add a dessert if you'd like or some Mooby's beer if you're over the age of 21.

While you're there feel free to channel your inner "Funployee" and argue over which is better; Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, or just stand outside.

So if you're a big Kevin Smith fan, grab your favorite "hetero life mate" and head to House of Blues Boston. The pop-up is happening Thursday, April 8th through April 16th. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, March 24th but you can get early access by signing up here.

Get a sneak peek at the Los Angeles pop-up below!

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